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We sell industry leading software from publishers such as Techsmith, PRTG, Adobe, Paessler and much more! Contact our team for further details on our software offering.

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What Is G&H Software?

We are a global reseller of Software, delivering solutions for our clients to help improve their personal or business goals. Our aim is to work closely with every single customer to ensure they get world leading support and prices.

A few things we’re great at

At G&H we pride ourselves on our differences

Fast Response

We aim to respond to any question or queries within 24 hours.

After Sales Support

Not happy with the product? Our team is always here to support your needs.

Automatic Reminders

If your product requires a monthly or annual renewal, our team will send you a reminder to ensure you stay on top of things.

Fast Electronic Distribution

Our team aim to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, whilst keeping you informed on every step of the process.

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We work with over a 100 Publishers including:


Migrate and manage office 365 or Sharepoint

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Caputre you screen and Webcam with no hassle


Edit and design beautiful and captivating videos without the expertese

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